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Docklands Ice Wolves

Treat each teammate, coaches, officials, and the other team with respect.

We protect and enhance the image of the Docklands Ice Wolves.

Our Vision

An ice hockey club consists of many diverse people and personalities united by a culture of community that promotes teamwork, cooperation and most importantly inclusion. Mastering the art of hockey is about learning to play for each other and understanding that everyone plays a role within the community. The Docklands Ice Wolves gives us the opportunity to grow and foster junior hockey in the spirit of the game, creating memories together that will endure beyond the rink.

We want to be a junior club of choice for players, families, staff, interns, volunteers, members, partners, sponsors and fans, who unite in a quest to successfully grow and develop hockey in Victoria, through the best possible junior program and cultural environment.

Child Safety Standards Statement

All children who are a part of Docklands Ice Wolves have a right to feel and be safe. The welfare of the children in our care will always be our first priority and Docklands Ice Wolves has a zero tolerance to child abuse. Docklands Ice Wolves aims to create a child-safe and child friendly environment where children feel safe and have fun and Docklands Ice Wolves' activities are always carried out in the best interests of the children. Docklands Ice Wolves supports Ice Hockey Victoria’s Child Safety Policy.

Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners

Docklands Ice Wolves acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the various lands on which their members enjoy sport and especially their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members.


Docklands Ice Wolves pay their respects to Elders past, present and emerging. Docklands Ice Wolves celebrate the diversity of Aboriginal peoples and their ongoing cultures and connections to the lands and waters of the country.

Our commitment to Child Safety and Inclusion

Our League

Ice Hockey Victoria logo on white background
Ice Hockey Victoria Junior League (11U, 13U, 15U, 17U)
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Coaching Excellence starts with the ideal coaching and development environment. Our coaching panel consists of some of Australia's best.

  • Matt Armstrong (IIHF Level 2 Accredited Coach & OBI Hockey Academy Director)

  • Mike Marshall (IIHF Veramaki Accredited Coach & Head Coach of Melbourne Ice) and

  • Tommy Powell (IIHF Level 2 Accredited Coach & Head Coach of Melbourne Ice Academy)


The coaching panel will oversee the delivery of a development framework, for all players, coaches, and team staff.

Our Coaching

Our People

President: Darcy Willaert:

Secretary: Cathrin Willaert:

Treasurer / Merchandise / Media: Silke McManus:

Head of Coaching: Tommy Powell

Head of Player Development: Matt Armstrong

Head of Membership / Media: Kade Matthews

Head of Marketing: Andrew Fialka:

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